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Capital: Lima
Population: 29 849 303
President: Ollenta Humala
Independance: 1821
Language(s): Aymara-Quechua-Spanish
Currency: New Sol
PIB per capita $US: 6 660 $
Land area: 1 285 220 km2
Population density: 23.23

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Embassies and consulates

Brazil Av. Jose Pardo 850 • Miraflores Lima (51)1512-0830 embaixada.lima@itamaraty.gov.br http://www.perubrasil.com/system/embajadabrasil/default_on.asp - M. Carlos Alfredo Lazary Teixeira
Canada Calle Bolognesi 228, Miraflores Lima (51)1319-3200 lima@international.gc.ca http://www.perou.gc.ca - Mme Patricia Fortier
United States of America Avenida La Encalada cdra. 17 s/n Lima (51)1618-2000 limaniv@state.gov http://lima.usembassy.gov - M. Brian A. Nichols
Mexico Ave. Jorge Basadre 710, San Isidro Lima (51)1612-1600  embajadainfo@mexico.org.pe http://embamex.sre.gob.mx/peru/ -  
Dominican Republic Calle Baltazar La Torre No.832, San Isidro Lima (51)1264-2874 embdomperu@speedy.com.pe - M. Rafael Antonio Julian Cedano
Brazil Calle Sargento Lores 363, Dpto B Lima (51)6523-5151 http://iquitos.itamaraty.gov.br/pt-br/ M. Clovis Rubén Martins de Araujo Bona