Following the negotiations in the America’s, studying changes occuring with
globalisation, acting as a research hub and participating in the public debate.



Capital: Willemstad
Population: 142 000
Prime Minister: Mr Ivar Asjes
President: Governor Ms Lucille George-Wout
Monarchy: Willem-Alexander
Language(s): Dutch-Papiamento-English
Currency: East Caribbean Dollar
PIB per capita $US: 35 565 $
Land area: 444 km2
Population density: 345.72

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Embassies and consulates

Canada Maduro and Curiel’s Bank, N.V., Plaza Jojo Correa 2-4 Willemstad (5999)466-1115 joe.vandongen@mcb-bank.com  
United States of America P.O. Box 158, J.B. Gorsiraweg 1 Willemstad (5999)461-3066 infocuracao@state.gov  
Dominican Republic Kaya Papa Godet #45 Willemstad (5999)465-9777 consudomcur@onenet.an Mme Carmen Virginia Cardona