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Capital: Georgetown
Population: 795 000
President: Mr. David Granger
Independance: 1966
Language(s): English
Currency: Gyanian Dollar
PIB per capita $US: 3 585 $
Land area: 214 970 km2
Population density: 3.44

Government websites


Embassies and consulates

Brazil 308 Church Street Georgetown (592)225-7970 brasemb.georgetown@itamaraty.gov.br http://georgetown.itamaraty.gov.br/pt-br/ - M. Lineu Pupo de Paula
Unites States of America 100 Young and Duke Streets Georgetown (592)225-4900 http://georgetown.usembassy.gov -  
Mexico 44 Brickdam Stabroek  Georgetown (592)226-3987  embguyana@sre.gob.mx http://embamex.sre.gob.mx/guyana - M. Francisco Olguin Uribe
High Commissariat          
Canada High et Young Streets Georgetown (592)227-2081 grgtn@international.gc.ca http://www.guyane.gc.ca Mme Nicole Giles