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Trinidad and Tobago

Capital: Port-of-Spain
Population: 1 337 000
Prime Minister: Mr Keith Rowley
Independance: 1962
Language(s): English
Currency: Trinidad Dollar
PIB per capita $US: 17 365 $
Land area: 5 128 km2
Population density: 238.93

Government websites

http://www.oPremier Ministre.gov.tt/

Embassies and consulates

Brazil 18 Sweet Briar Road, Saint Clair Port-of-Spain (868)622-5771 brasemb.portspain@itamaraty.gov.br http://portofspain.itamaraty.gov.br/pt-br/ -  
United States of America 15 Queen’s Park West Port-of-Spain (868)622-6371 ircpos@state.gov http://trinidad.usembassy.gov -  
Mexico 12, Hayes Street. St. Clair  Port-of-Spain (868)622-1422 info@mexico.tt http://embamex.sre.gob.mx/trinidadytobago/ - M. Mario Eugenio Arriola Woog
Dominican Republic 10 B, Queen`s Park West, suite 101 Port-of-Spain (868)627-6232 embadom@hotmail.com - M. José Serulle Ramia
High Commissariat          
Canada 3-3A Sweet Briar Road, Maple House, St. Clair Port-of-Spain (868)622-6232 pspan@international.gc.ca http://www.trinite-et-tobago.gc.ca M. Gérard Latulippe