Following the negotiations in the America’s, studying changes occuring with
globalisation, acting as a research hub and participating in the public debate.

The Observatory

Research and monitoring axes

Trade policies and trade agreements in the Americas

i. The Canada - United States - Mexico - agreement (CUSMA) and Latin America;
ii. Canada’s bilateral agreements with Latin American countries;
iii. the Canada-Mercosur Free Trade Agreement;
iv. integration in Latin America and the Caribbean in the 21st century.

2. Integrations between regions:

i. the global and progressive transpacific partnership agreement and its hemispheric scope;
ii. the Americas and regional mega-agreements;
iii. integration in the Americas and China.

3. Cross-cutting issues:

i. integration in the Americas, socioeconomic development and growth, role of the state, human rights, vulnerable peoples and populations, agriculture and the environment, financialization, electronic commerce, connectivity, democratic charter, etc;
iii. integration in the Americas and regional institutions (OAS, IDB, ECLAC).