Following the negotiations in the America’s, studying changes occuring with
globalisation, acting as a research hub and participating in the public debate.

The Observatory

Structure and instances

1. Scientific Council (SC)

i. made up of members of the founding institution, namely CEIM, and by professors from the various academic units of UQAM and from Canadian and foreign partner universities identified among the associate members;

ii. the SC defines and adopts the three-year plans and annual programs that are then integrated into CEIM’s programming, whose executive committee serves as the ODA’s board of directors and is responsible for approving and monitoring the triennial plan of actions and examine and approve the Observatory’s activity report;

iii. their members must be regular or associate members of CEIM (see CEIM’s statutes on this subject);

iv. the SC is responsible for appointing a director and a co-director and any essential committee for the implementation of the Observatory’s activities, following the example of the advisory committee formed by personalities who can assist ODA in research and dissemination, networking, in the relationship with partner institutions and support organizations;

2. Direction and co-direction:

i. Appointed after a selection process by the Scientific Council, they are responsible for developing the three-year activity plan that coherently structures conferences, publications, training, networking, etc.

ii. Execute the scientific programming approved by the SC;

iii. They prepared the annual report on the Observatory’s activities and sent it to the SC;

iv. They publicize the research and training activities of the Observatory and its members;

v. They manage the Observatory’s website.

3. Associate members:

 professors and researchers specialized in the integration process in the Americas, accredited by the observatory’s scientific council.