Following the negotiations in the America’s, studying changes occuring with
globalisation, acting as a research hub and participating in the public debate.

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Observatory of the Americas

Call for contributions to Chroniques des Amériques 2020

Call for contributions to Chroniques des Amériques 2020

The Chroniques des Amériques is a peer-reviewed electronic publication that has been published by the Observatory of the Americas over the last twenty years. It provides an analytical and contextual update on the integration processes in the Americas, putting lenses on the different forms and shapes of integration and cooperation on the continent, as well as the economic, social and political dynamics that are required, particularly with regard to challenges of democracy, the place of social movements and other development issues. The Chroniques des Amériques are intended for an interested and informed public, including as many students and academics as professionals and observers. 

We invite interested parties to submit their papers on one of the subjects mentioned above. Each Chronique des Amériques must be related to a specific issue and offer the reader a context and a complete argument, as well as a list of bibliographic references at the bottom. The proposed papers will be evaluated by an expert and reviewed, if necessary, before being published.

Procedures to sent your contribution:

The text proposals for Chroniques des Amériques are received continuously. With a maximum size of 5,000 words, text proposals must be submitted in Word format. There is a preference for articles written in French, but we also accept proposals in English, Spanish and Portuguese. The submitted texts must be unpublished.

To submit your paper or for any question regarding to the Chroniques des Amériques, please write to oda@uqam.ca.